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AL-LOALOAH DENTAL CENTER is considered as one of the main specialized centers in the orthodontics, cosmetic, and dental treating fields in Kuwait. We are proud to present latest and modern ways and methods in the dental science in treating the patients by specialized dentists with high efficiency and excellent experience. Even more, AL-LOALOAH DENTAL CENTER has two branches, in our two branches, we present the latest devices and digital technologies, which have been founded specially in order to present unique and quick services to satisfy the patients. In addition, we have luxury halls specialized for our patients, which is designed to give them relaxed atmosphere. The first branch has been opened in Al-Jabriya in 2007 in an excellent location with a perfect view on the 4th Ring Road. Furthermore, we opened our second branch in the end of 2013 in Al-Fintas in order to implement our expansion plans in Kuwait.




Al-Loaloah Dental Center seeks to expand and exploration in the health sector in the region, and considered as standard model.


Al-Loaloah Dental Center offers its customers a secure health services, integrated, and high quality in an ethical environment of in the field of health care for teeth.