Pediatric Dentistry

Children considered as main category who visit our center. So, this division from 3

dentists specialized in treating children. Pediatric treatment divided into psychiatric 

and preventive treatment, and treatment to oral and tooth diseases. It is common 

that the child fear to visit the dentist or even to look the dentist tools.

Our responsibilities as dentists is to erase this fear, and to show that the dentist 

center as safety place to the child by several ways like trying to make the first visit to 

the dentist as an induction visit, the dentist show the child the center tools, and 

explain the importance of cleaning teeth and the risks of neglecting it. Mostly, we 

put Fluoride gel on the child’s teeth, which helps in increase the immunity for the 

child’s teeth against tooth decay. After all, the child will feel that his visit to the 

dentist is painless. Certainly, in emergency cases we do remedial actions to erase 

tooth pain.

In the following visit, we choose the infected tooth which has mild infection and 

which requires not to use the Anaesthetic, to increase the confidence between the 

child and his dentist. The followed visits will be therapeutic visits; we give an 

appropriate treatment to the child. We also bring famous cartoon characters which 

are well-known for the child, and give to someone to wear it. After all, this step 

reflects positive impress from the patients.